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The Peerless® Partner® Lo-Boy indirect-fired water heater provides a true advancement in hot water generation. By utilizing the existing boiler as its heat source, the burner fires only when necessary and transfers heat energy through a highly efficient cupronickel, fin-tube heat exchanger. The heater functions as a separate heating zone and water movement is regulated from the boiler through the heater coil by a separate circulator or zone valve.

The modern coil design of the Peerless Partner indirect-fired water heater provides maximum heat transfer efficiency and resists mineral buildup that discolors water. Old style coils can produce discolored tapwater that affects taste and leaves blue bathtub rings. The heater’s cupronickel heat exchanger is highly resistant to any scaling deposits and is positioned so entering water provides scrubbing action, eliminating the need for chemical cleanings.

The domestic hot water is stored in a high-grade 316L stainless steel tank. Two inch foam insulation keeps the water hot with a standby loss of less than 1/2° F per hour. This allows the boiler to stay off most of the day and night. The result is more hot water with reduced boiler water temperatures and drastically reduced standby losses.

The Peerless Partner indirect-fired water heater has two or more times the recovery rate of gas-fired water heaters and supplies as much as five times the amount of hot water as a comparably sized electric water heater.

This heater is an ideal replacement for existing water heaters. It can also be used for new applications. A vent or stack is not required. The tank’s light weight makes it very easy to position. The plastic jacketing is maintenance free and does not scratch or rust.

The Peerless Partner indirect-fired water heater comes equipped with an adjustable, well-type Honeywell control and a T&P relief valve as standard equipment.

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Type: Indirect-Fired Water Heater
Construction: Stainless Steel Tank/
Maintenance Free Plastic Jacket
Fuel: Indirect-Fired
30 Gallons
First Hour
169 Gallons @ 140°
234 Gallons @ 115°
Diameter: 23.25"
Height: 28.5"
Floor to:
Boiler In: 9"
Boiler Out: 4.5"
Cold-Drain: 5"
Hot-T&P: 22.25"


  • Low-Profile (23.25"L x 23.25"W x 28.5"H)
  • Great Complement with the Pinnacle Boiler Series
  • Ideal for Space-Limited Installations
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for Residential Usage
  • Modern Coil Design
  • Minimal Standby Temperature Loss
  • Rapid Recovery Rate
  • Long Lasting Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy Installation
  • No Separate Chimney or Burner Needed

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Model Number Storage Capacity Pressure Heat Exchange Surface First Hour Ratings*
Test Working @140° @115°
PP-30 30 gallons 300 PSI 150 PSI 15 sq. ft. 169 gallons 234 gallons

* Based on 90° F rise, 55°/145° with 180° F boiler water. First hour rating is only one factor in product selection. Refer to Installation Instructions for additional information.

Don't see the information you need? See the "Related Documents" tab for product resource downloads.

Don't see the information you need? See the "Related Documents" tab for product resource downloads.