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The Peerless® Combi (PC) 160™ gas-fired boiler is a 91.1% efficient condensing boiler that uses premixed burner technology for optimal combustion. The boiler offers hydronic heat and domestic hot water in one complete unit by using an integrated coil-type hot water tank! Stainless steel tubes and an ASME rated heat exchanger are also features of the boiler. The patented premix air/gas modulation system, domestic hot water heat exchanger, and electronic controls make the PC160™ condensing boiler a top-notch choice for performance and dependability, safety, low emissions, and “green” operation.

Panel mounted controls, an installed and wired circulator and expansion tank are all built into an attractive, sound attenuated enclosure. All utility connections for gas, water and condensate are conveniently located at the bottom of the unit. The wall mounted boiler design allows for ease of installation, maintenance and service.


Venting is provided by a standard concentric vent kit* that allows the boiler to be vented either “through-the-wall” or vertically for maximum installation flexibility. The concentric vent kit utilizes outside air for combustion thereby reducing air infiltration, thus lowering fuel bills. Optional components to increase venting lengths are also available.

*Please note: PC160™ venting components are not interchangeable with Peerless® PUREFIRE® and Pinnacle® Oil venting components.

Domestic Hot Water

Enjoy ample low-cost domestic hot water without the expense of a separate water heater. The built-in tankless heater is capable of producing up to 4 gallons of domestic hot water per minute. The tankless heater can be removed from the boiler unit for hassle-free cleaning.

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Type: Residential
Construction: Stainless Steel
Fuel: Gas-Fired (Natural or LP)
Input: 30 to 160 MBH
Output: 27 to 142 MBH
Venting: Sealed Combustion, Direct Vent
Trim: Water
Combustion: Direct Spark


  • 91.1% AFUE—ENERGY STAR® Efficient!  
  • Gas-fired Condensing Boiler for Natural or LP Gas
  • ASME Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Built-in Tankless Heater for Domestic Hot Water
  • Pre-mixed Gas Burner Technology
  • Environmentally Friendly—LoNOx Operation
  • Continuous 5 to 1 Modulation


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Peerless® Combi 160™
Technical Data
Nominal Heat Input 160,000 Btu/hr
Minimum Heat Input 30,000 Btu/hr
AFUE Efficiency 91.1%
*DOE Heating Capacity (Based on Standard Test Specified
by The United States Department of Energy)
142,000 Btu/hr
Net Ratings 123,000 Btu/hr
Maximum Heating Temperature 189°F
Maximum Heating Pressure 30 psi
Maximum Pressure of Domestic Hot Water Circuit 150 psi
Capacity of Expansion Tank 2.64 gal
Nominal Power Supply Voltage 120/60 V/Hz
Electric Power 170 W
Flue Gas Pipes Diameter (Split) (Polypropylene) 3.15"
Flue Gas Pipes Max. Length (Split) (Polypropylene) 300 ft Equivalent
Flue Gas Pipes Diameter (Concentric) (Polypropylene) 2.36" / 3.94"
Flue Gas Pipes Max, Length (Concentric) (Polypropylene) 70 ft Equivalent
CO Contents (0% O2 with Natural Gas) <150 p.p.m.
NOx Contents (0% O2 with Natural Gas) 15 p.p.m
Dimensions L x D x H (Approximate) 20" x 10" x 30"
Connections (Supply – Return – D.H.W. – D.C.W. – Gas) 3/4"
Weight 100 lbs

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No. Description Connections
1 Area for Power Supply Cable
2 Heating Supply Connection 3/4" SWEAT
3 DHW Connection 3/4" SWEAT
4 Gas Connection 3/4" NPT
5 DCW Connection 3/4" SWEAT
6 Heating Return 3/4" SWEAT
7 Position for Boiler Support
8 Flue Discharge/Air Intake Connection 3"

Don't see the information you need? See the "Related Documents" tab for product resource downloads.