Find an Installer or Wholesaler

Use the search below to find a Peerless® Installer or Wholesaler near you. If you do not find a Peerless® Installer or Wholesaler near you, please contact us.

This module is intended as a web-based tool to assist homeowners in locating local heating installers/contractors. Please note that all installers/contractors listed within this database are independent of PB Heat, LLC and are not in any way affiliated with or employed by our company. When entering your zip code, choose a “mile radius” within the range of five miles to 50 miles of your zip code; all installers/contractors will be listed from closest to farthest proximity (in miles) from your zip. In cases where there are no installers/contractors listed, please contact the distributor/s listed so that they may refer a professional installer/contractor to you. All installers/contractors will be shown as the “bold” listings first; all non-bold listings are distributor listings.

Some helpful tips when choosing an installer/contractor:

  • Choose installers/contractors who are licensed, bonded and insured. Please note that license requirements vary at the state and local/regional level.
  • Choose installers/contractors who hold varying industry educational and occupational certifications. For example some may include NATE (North American Training Excellence program), or training conducted by PB Heat, LLC in installing/servicing their products.
  • Choose installers/contractors with positive references
  • Talk to the installer-provided references and existing customers of the installer/contractor
  • The warranty on your equipment is important. Be sure to discuss the warranty with your installer/contractor and understand the rights and responsibilities involved with a boiler purchase
  • Extended Warranties are available and sold directly by the installer/contractor; is the installer/contractor familiar with this program?
  • Ask questions, make sure you understand what you are contracting for and discuss your expectations with your installer/contractor so that all are covered in his contract with you

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