Five Tips to Prevent Cast Iron Boiler Failures by HSB

Check out these quick tips from Hartford Steam Boiler on how to avoid future boiler failures!

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100% Quality Guaranteed on all Peerless Boilers

Why Our Peerless Boiler Warranty Program Is the Best in the Industry

Here at PB Heat, we understand the challenges our installer partners face on the job, and that’s why we not only sell America’s Best Built Boilers, but we also back them with a multi-faceted Peerless® Boiler warranty program that’s easier for contractors—and your customers—to understand and utilize.

After all, as an experienced residential and commercial boiler installer, you’re undoubtedly familiar with various manufacturers’ warranty programs—both the original “factory” warranties on equipment, as well as extended service agreement (ESA) offerings.

You’re probably also used to being confused about how some of these programs work and how to help your customers easily enroll for better peace of mind on their new condensing equipment purchases. Later, when you need to make a warranty claim for work you performed, it can be frustrating to determine the paperwork you need to file, too. Have you had this experience?

Well, we’ve recently updated the Peerless Boiler Complete Warranty and Extended Warranty programs to address several of these pain points and provide a better guarantee—and warranty claim experience—for everyone who chooses Peerless Boilers.

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Getting the Most Out of High-Efficiency Gas Boilers, Part 1: Installation

Here at PB Heat, we pride ourselves on offering our valued installer partners the broadest range of residential and commercial boilers in the industry to meet the comfort needs of any interior space their clients present to them—“from cottage to convention hall.” And our new blog will share insights and answer questions about some of our most popular products to help you best appreciate and understand the benefits Peerless® Boilers can bring to your HVAC contracting business or distributorship.

Today’s post (our first!) is part one in a two-part series about maximizing high-efficiency gas boilers—which, as you’ve likely experienced—are a particularly hot product now both in residential and commercial applications. These incredibly efficient pieces of equipment are excellent as new installs, but also have generated a lot of interest in the retrofit market as consumers search for more efficiency and utility rebates to help lower the cost of the upgrade.   

Let’s take a closer look at how you can achieve successful installation of new high-efficiency gas boilers, specifically in residential and light commercial settings, by concentrating on a few best practices.