Complete Warranty Program

Our dependable products are backed by the best warranty in the industry. We are so confident in the quality and dependability of our boilers, that they are supported by our Complete Warranty Program. Our warranties are "full cost" warranties (up to the original cost of the boiler), rather than the pro-rated warranties currently offered by other boiler manufacturers. Our warranty coverage does not decrease with time, rather, it remains complete for the entire length of the warranty. Your family can rest easy, knowing that your new boiler will provide years of dependable home heating comfort.

Extended Warranty Program

Looking for extra coverage for your product? A complete Extended Warranty Program, administered through Trinity Warranty Solutions is available through your installer/contractor. Ask them about adding a low-cost extended warranty to your installation for greater peace of mind and security.

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Looking for extended warranty information?

Warranty – PureFire® Commercial Thermal Shock   (153.34K)
Warranty – Peerless® PUREFIRE® Commercial   (144.28K)
Warranty – Peerless® Pinnacle® (Oil)   (69.38K)
Warranty – Peerless® Partner®   (71.95K)
Warranty – Peerless® Combi 160™   (68.15K)
Warranty – Commercial   (66.71K)
Warranty – Cast 92™ & Peerless® Combi 160™ Commercial   (67.50K)
Warranty – Residential   (67.81K)
Warranty – Peerless® PUREFIRE®   (144.54K)
Warranty – Cast 92™   (68.44K)