Important Information Regarding Flood Damaged Heating Equipment


Thank you for your interest in Peerless® products! Please note: we are the manufacturer and do not provide service.  All questions must be directed to your local heating installer/contractor as they are familiar with your system and can personally review and make proper recommendations based upon your individual system/set-up. Contractors/installers are independent from our company, however, if you need to locate an installer/contractor near you, please use our “Find an Installer” search.

How do I determine the manufacture date of boiler?

The numbers after the hyphen in the serial number indicate the manufacture date. Example: 123456-201003, “201003” would indicate a manufacture date of March, 2010. PB Heat, LLC has manufactured the Peerless® brand since 2003; prior to that the company who manufactured the Peerless® brand was The Peerless Heater Company who are no longer in business.

Where can I find information regarding rebates, tax incentives, etc.?

Please visit the “Rebates & Incentives” section of our website.

Where can I find boiler pricing?

Pricing and availability can be obtained from your local heating installer. To locate an installer/contractor near you, please use our “Find an Installer” search.

Can I convert my oil-fired boiler to gas?

We have not tested our oil-fired models for gas operation; you will need to consult with your heating installer/contractor for proper recommendation.

I have a question regarding the manufacturer’s warranty:

All questions must be directed to your local heating installer/contractor.

Can somebody come from the factory to work on my boiler?

You need to have a local contractor/plumber, etc. service your boiler. If they need assistance they can contact their wholesaler or manufacturer’s representative for troubleshooting. We are the manufacturer, we do not provide service.

I need parts:

Please contact your local heating contractor/installer for parts; we do not sell parts.

My boiler was delivered with rust on it; is this normal?

Yes, rust is the protective coating for cast iron.

I need a tech support number:

Our technical service department is available to licensed heating professionals; all questions must be directed to your local heating contractor. If your licensed contractor needs troubleshooting assistance, they should contact the local rep, local dealer or our technical assistance department directly – all are available to assist licensed heating professionals with troubleshooting.

My heating equipment has been damaged by storm surge/flood; what should I do:

Please review the important information provided by AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute) regarding floods and HVACR Equipment.