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Residential Boilers - Gas Boilers Series Cast 92-2™ Boiler

The 90% efficient ENERGY STAR® certified Series Cast 92-2™ is a condensing gas-fired cast iron boiler. The cast iron heat exchanger retains heat longer than other types of heat exchangers and contributes to the extreme durability of the boiler. The Cast 92-2™  is environmentally friendly with low emissions for both CO2 and NOx and features quiet operation. The boiler’s compact, space-saving design makes it perfect for replacing older, larger, less-efficient cast iron boilers.

Product Details:

Type: Residential
Construction: Cast Iron
Fuel: Gas-Fired (Natural or LP)
Input: 40 to 199 MBH
Output: 37 to 184 MBH
Venting: Sealed Combustion, Direct Vent
Trim: Water
Combustion: Direct Spark

Boiler Model Number Input, Btu/hr Output, MBH Gas Pressure, W.C. Voltage Flow GPM Temp. Rise (°F) Vent Length, Equiv. Ft. Air Inlet Length, Equiv. Ft.
Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min Max
92-2 199 184 2″ 14″ 120VAC/60Hz/IPH 2** 36 20 100 0 100 0 100
Water Volume, Gallons Flue Dia. Current FLA, Amps Boiler H.P. NET Ratings, Btu/hr AFUE, %
4.75 3″ 2.75 5.3 148 90

**At 100% Input