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Residential Boilers - Gas Boilers Series MIHII™ Boiler

The Series MIHII™ residential, cast iron boiler features an integral draft diverter which provides a low-profile design perfect for installation in tight spaces and in areas with low ceilings. With an efficiency of 84%, the MIHII™ hot water boiler was designed specifically for markets where utility companies offer rebates for mid-efficiency heating products. The Series MIHII™, an adaptation of the high quality Series MI boiler with the same features, is equipped with a low-water cutoff for safe operation and is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry!

Product Details:

Type: Residential
Construction: Cast Iron
Fuel: Gas-Fired (Natural)
Input: 65 to 162.5 MBH
Output: 55 to 137 MBH
Venting: Natural Draft
Trim: Water
Ignition: Spark Pilot

AHRI Member


Series MIHII™AHRI Certified Water Content, gal
Model Number Input, MBH Heating Capacity3, MBH Net Ratings Water1,2, MBH AFUE3, %
MIHII-03 65 55 48 84.1 4.72
MIHII-04 97.5 82 71 84.1 6.00
MIHII-05 130 110 96 84.0 7.28
MIHII-06 162.5 137 119 84.0 8.56
  1. Net water ratings based on an allowance of 1.15.
  2. Consult factory before selecting a boiler for installations having unusual piping and pickup requirements, such as intermittent system operation, extensive piping systems, etc.
  3. Heating Capacity and Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings are based on U.S. Government test.

Series MIHII™ Boiler Dimensions

Boiler Model Number Jacket Length (Depth)
Jacket Width
Rear of Jacket to c/l of Vent
Left of Jacket to c/l of Vent
Vent Size Diameter
MIHII-03 26-5/8″ 12-1/2″ 31-3/8″ 20-13/16″ 6-1/4″ 5″
MIHII-04 26-5/8″ 15-7/8″ 31-3/8″ 20-13/16″ 7-11/16″ 5″
MIHII-05 26-5/8″ 19-1/4″ 31-3/8″ 21-13/16″ 9-5/8″ 6″
MIHII-06 26-5/8″ 22-5/8″ 31-3/8″ 21-13/16″ 11-5/16″ 6″