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Residential Boilers - Oil Boilers Series WB90™ Boiler

The Series WB90™ oil-fired boiler is ENERGY STAR® certified with a 90% efficiency. The residential, cast iron boiler is designed for hot water systems and is ideal for both direct and chimney venting. The boiler features a sleek, two-piece molded boiler jacket with removable lens for viewing the operation of the boiler. A non- prorated lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger provides peace of mind for years to come!

Product Details:

Type: Residential
Construction: Cast Iron
Fuel: Oil-Fired
Input: 70 to 182 MBH
Output: 111 to 160 MBH
Trim: Water
Combustion: Flame Retention Burner

AHRI Member


Series WB90™      Water Content, Gallons
Model Number Input Rate1 Heating Capacity4, MBH Net
AFUE4, %
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
WB90-03 0.90 126 .05 70 111 97 90.0 11.75
WB90-04 1.30 182 0.75 105 160 139 90.0 14.75
  1. Burner input based on No. 2 fuel oil and a heating value of 140,000 Btu per gallon.
  2. Water ratings based on an allowance of 1.15.
  3. Consult factory before selecting a boiler for installations having unusual piping and pickup requirements, such as intermittent system operation, extensive piping systems, etc.
  4. Heating Capacity and Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings are based on U.S. Government tests.

Series WB90™ Boiler Dimensions

Boiler Model Number Jacket Depth
Jacket Width
Jacket Height
Vent Size Diameter
WB90-03 18-3/8″ 23-5/8″ 39-1/4″ 4″
WB90-04 22-3/8″ 23-5/8″ 39-1/4″ 4″